David Rickett's Computer Folk Art -- 2.0
August 4th, 2007 at Chango Coffee House, Echo Park, CA


The original Computer Folk Art 1.0 debuted in 2003 at Herbert Galleries (Chango’s predecessor) along with the now famous Paintbombs.

Building on his critical and commercial success from that showing, Rickett has once again embraced new technologies for creating and displaying art interactively.

Play the video regarding the origins of
Computer Folk Art.

These new works represent a quantum step, yet they remain faithful to the impetus of this art form. He's maintained the same that sensibility that led one reviewer to call him, "Not just a Computer Folk artist, but an artist, period -- a wry and thoughtful observer of the human condition." (Curtis Freeman, Ph.D., Fredonia Art Market Advisor)

Listen to Rickett explain his philosophy of
Computer Folk Art.


Four Freedoms

Echo Park Lake: Homage to Monet



These new 4" x 6" works are lighted from behind. The multi-layered art is printed on different translucent and transparent media giving the images more brilliance and clarity than ordinary digital images. The art can be wall mounted or sit on a table. (See the picture being lighted.)


Mother and Child

A Fish



Play Sensor
Explanation Video

The companion wall mounted motion sensor provides the same functions as the originals. If the Computer Folk Art is in a dark room with persons (or animals) coming and going, the art will light up when it detects motion.

When the room is lighted, like from daylight from a window, the art will remain unlighted, despite any detection of motion.

This energy saving operation mode combined with an estimated lamp life of 20,000 hours will deliver years of illuminated Computer Folk Art .






Sometimes a dark hallway or stairway is the perfect place where a small amount of light and art are needed. (Many Computer Folk Art owners have mounted the works in their bathrooms). Also, you can adjust the amount of time it stays lighted.

As always, Computer Folk Art can be very useful in an electrical emergency since it will operate on the AA batteries inside.

The artwork is signed and dated by the artist on the frame as well as the main image (though hidden by the matte).

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