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The Sensor Plug

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The companion wall mounted motion sensor provides the same functions as the originals. If the Computer Folk Art is in a dark room with persons (or animals) coming and going, the art will light up when it detects motion. When the room is lighted, like from daylight from a window, the art will remain unlighted, despite any detection of motion. This energy saving operation mode combined with an estimated lamp life of 20,000 hours will deliver years of illuminated Computer Folk Art.
         Sometimes a dark hallway or stairway is the perfect place where a small amount of light and art are needed. (Many Computer Folk Art owners have mounted the works in their bathrooms). Also, you can adjust the amount of time it stays lighted.  As always, Computer Folk Art can be very useful in an electrical emergency since it will operate on the AA batteries inside.
         The artwork is signed and dated by the artist on the frame as well as the main image (though hidden by the matte).