Computer Folk Art 2.0

The Show at Chango, August 2007

*denotes sold work



Red Guy

Roy G. Biv*

The Village

Tar in the Laundry*

Spammer's Gibberish

Mother & Child*

Huntington Conservatory

A Fish

I'm Sorry, Dave

The Blue Marble

Windows 95 Control Panel

Mars Now

Piano in the Lobby*

The F-Clef*


L. A. Skyline

Echo Lake, Echo Park*

The Grid

Approval Rating

Boss of Red Guy

Stepping Away


Birthday Wish

Chango Guy

Red Guy Doppelganger*

*denotes sold work

CFA Home

This show was successful beyond my expectations. My sincere thanks to my beloved friends and the people of Echo Park, CA. Your kind words and patronage are greatly appreciated.